Environmental Solutions

Grown by Oregon & Washington farmers, Pacific Northwest Christmas trees blend old-fashioned traditions with today's need for environmentally conscious and sustainable practices.

Real Christmas trees provide a plethora of benefits to the environment, and our farmers go the extra mile to ensure natural resources are preserved for future generations. Check out these facts on the environmental impact of real Christmas trees:

  • Trees -deerWhile growing, real trees produce significant amounts of oxygen that is released into the environment, protect soil from erosion and provide refuge for wildlife.
  • Real Christmas trees are the best environmental option for consumers, according to former Greenpeace President Patrick Moore, Ph.D.
  • Pacific Northwest Christmas trees are grown on sustainable farms in the U.S., just like produce, nuts and other crops, so they do not threaten natural forests.
  • Real Christmas trees reduce carbon emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, which people, plants and the environment need to survive.
  • Real Christmas trees are renewable, and growers plant one or more trees to replace every tree they harvest.
  • Many times, Christmas trees are grown in soil that won't support other crops.

For more environmental information, visit our page on recycling your real Christmas tree.